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  • LI Changda,GU Shiling,MA Jingwu,QIAO Guanmin,LI Jialin,ZHENG Heng.The PPCC Dongtou Model for Social Capital Participation in Blue Bay Restoration[J].Ocean Development and Management,2022,39(4):11-18    
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洞头区海洋与渔业发展研究中心;宁波大学地理与空间信息技术系 陆海国土空间利用与治理研究中心;温州市土地整治中心
关键词:  蓝色海湾  生态修复  价值创造  价值捕捉  片区治理
The PPCC Dongtou Model for Social Capital Participation in Blue Bay Restoration
LI Changda,GU Shiling,MA Jingwu,QIAO Guanmin,LI Jialin,ZHENG Heng
Dongtou Marine and Fishery Development Research Center;Department of Geography and Spatial Information Techniques,Center for Land and Marine Spatial Utilization and Governance Research,Ningbo University;Center of Land Remediation in Wenzhou
In order to effectively ensure the construction of marine ecological restoration projects and achieve efficient area governance, this paper took the Dongtou Blue Bay Restoration Project as an example to analyze in detail the operation mode of the government and social capital value creation and value capture (PPCC) model, and summarized its experience and enlightenment. The results showed that the restoration of the Blue Bay was generally characterized by the development of the precinct, and had a strong public goods attribute and spillover effect, and the application of the PPCC model was an important innovation of the government-private partnership (PPP) model. Through the motivational cohesion of the participating entities and the complementarity of resources to create diversified value, according to the value capture mechanism of different participants to achieve win-win cooperation, so as to form the PPCC Dongtou Model of government, enterprise and public co-construction and co-governance, as well as economic, ecological and social value sharing. The Blue Bay Restoration Project had achieved remarkable results, would further achieve successful multi-area governance.
Key words:  Blue bay,Ecological restoration,Value creation,Value capture,Area governance